Nana Tattoo dangle Earrings


If you are a Nana lover and you want to prove it every day, this is your ideal earrings!

1 Pair Round stainless steel dangle earrings, with Nana Tatoo Flower  figure under a magnifying glass dome.


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Nana Tattoo dangle Earrings

The lotus flower usually appears in very humid areas where there is a lot of mud. But, as the flower develops, it leaves the hostile bottom to reveal itself as a beautiful flower. The lotus flower represents the rebirth of a person on the spiritual plane: it is an eye opening to another reality.

It is because of these symbologies that the tattoo of the lotus flower of Nana seems so important.

Nana is strong, serious and quiet woman. However, she loses her patience very easily even when dealing with her loved ones, who are very few, but whom she loves deeply. Her first reaction is to run away without knowing what to do, which makes her feel that she is abandoning her friends. This causes him to fall into a deep depression, which is expressed through singing.

She has a red tattoo of a lotus flower (she discusses with Nana K. which is a Ren flower) on the upper part of her left arm.

If you love Nana tattoo and you want to prove it every day, this is your ideal earrings!

1 Pair Round dangle earrings, with Nana Tatoo figure under a magnifying glass dome.

I select each piece to have the colors and design that are suitable to combine with your everyday style.
I work with paper, and is sealed under a glass dome with specific adhesives, avoid wearing these little gems while swimming or showering.

Cabochon Size: 12mm round
Materials: Stainless Steel
High quality Photo under glass dome

Enjoy your Chica Manga´s little treasures!!

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