Nana Osaki adjustable bracelet


If you love Nana (as we do!) and you want to prove it every day, this is your ideal bracelet!


Nana Osaki Golden Rose bracelet

As the lead singer of the band Black Stones (BLAST), Nana gains a rabid following of fans in her hometown. She projected a “cool” image, sporting her Vivienne Westwood silver armor ring and a lotus tattoo on her arm. She also moved in with Ren, and the two shared an intense relationship until Ren revealed he had been offered a huge deal to play guitar for Trapnest in Tokyo. Although Ren and Nana still loved each other, they agreed that a long distance relationship was pointless. Nana proudly refused to abandon her own musical career to follow Ren.

She also befriended a sweet but scatterbrained young woman named Nana Komatsu who moves to Tokyo with big dreams (just like Nana O.). After a fateful encounter on a delayed train to Tokyo, the two Nanas reunite at an open house for an apartment overlooking a river. Eager to save on rent, the two agree to share the apartment (707 – “Nana” being Japanese for seven) and grow close despite their differing personalities.

If you love Nana (as we do!) and you want to prove it every day, this is your ideal bracelet!

1 adjustable cord bracelet with Nana O. figure (manga Style) under a magnifying glass dome.

I select each piece to have the colors and design that are suitable to combine with your everyday style.

Since I work with paper, and is sealed under a glass dome with specific adhesives, avoid wearing these little gems while swimming or showering.

Materials: black natural wooden and snake chain  High resolution print  Clear magnifing glass dome.

Cabochon Size: 12 mm

If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer.

Enjoy your little treasures of Chica Manga!!

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