Little Lucky Patterns mobile plug charm


1 Pc mobile phone Charm with enameled metal figure Sakura or Luck Board.
Enjoy the little treasures of Chica Manga!!




Little Lucky Patterns Mobile phone charms.

We love mobile phone charms because our cell phone has become a gadget that always comes with us. And we love too that it matches our outfit, the clothes we wear and the accessories we like. Our taste for anime has to be reflected every day!

For Japanese culture, the cherry blossom (sakura) represents innocence, simplicity and spring. The rebirth of everything good. A symbol of joy.

If you love Japanese culture and art, and want to prove it , this is your mobile plug charm you are looking for.

1 Pc mobile plug Charm with enameled metal figure Sakura flower or Luck Board.

I select myself each piece so that they have the colors and designs that combine with your daily style

Take your Lucky cat figures with you on your mobile to show how otaku you are!

This dust cap is suitable for all mobile phones, with a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Approximate measurements of the figure: Maneki Neko: 1,50 x 1,50 cm / Total 8,50 cm
Materials: enameled metal, cord and transparent silicone connector/ plug

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer you.

Enjoy the little treasures of Chica Manga!!

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luck board, sakura


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