Teresa Power

If you’re a manga reader, just like me, you’ll have plenty of reasons why you’re so Otaku. It might be because your love of fiction. Or because of the funny characters .

It may be that, like me, you adore how the mangacas across the world see the world. Or because, no matter how strange the characters or stories can be, they leave always something on the bottom of your heart.

But rarely a history of your favorite manga creates a new story, a real and powerful one.

A few months ago, a friend of Chica Manga saw a ring on my hand. She does not read Manga. She even did not know this word. But the face of Teresa has fascinated her (as many of us …) I told her the story behind the character and she was marveled. By this afternoon, Teresa was shinning from her wrist.

Feeling as powerful as the character, my friend decided to surprise her sister with a matching bracelet: a nice  and powerful tie.

The months kept passing, and other friends of my friend fell into the spell of Teresa. But an especially one received the bracelet as a gift. A friend in need. One who needed a lot of strength to overcome a bad time in her life. And my friend thought no better than a strong warrior to protect her friend. So she gave her, her own Claymore bracelet  because she wanted to show her love and strength.

When I heard this story, I could not resist to share it, because we  all approach to our Manga stories differently. And this is lovely in deep.

Do it: invite a warrior to your life.

Pulsera 20mm Teresa

Claymore Teresa Butterfly tie pin

If you are a Claymore lover and you want to prove it every day, this is your ideal pin!


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