Rosario to Vampire: a supernatural school comedy.

Rosario to Vampire is probably the manga that put Monster Girls in the mainstream but the manga was a lot more than just cute girls doing cute things. It had actual depth, stakes and action that the anime adaptation decided to completely gloss over.  Rosario to Vampire is a perfect example of the source material being better than the anime. Rather than following the manga, the anime decided to make the show a generic harem series but the manga had so much more going for it.

At heart, Rosario to Vampire is a supernatural school comedy that does take a turn to becoming an action comedy manga down the line but the sense of the school never seems to go away which is definitely a strong pint of the series. The story follows Tsukune Aono that ends up enrolling into a school for monsters because he didn’t manage to get grades good enough for any other school – maybe there’s a life lesson there somewhere. All monsters attend school in human form but if an actual human is found on the school grounds they will be executed immediately leaving our protagonist in a tight spot.

As Tsukune tries to keep his head down and get out his situation alive, he ends up running in with the most attractive girl on campus, Moka Akashiya that is a vampire with a split personality and falls headfirst in love. In order to deepen his relationship with Moka, Tsukune decides to give his new life at a monster school a shot without knowing about Moka’s bloodthirsty nature.

Throughout the saga, we get to meet fun characters which include the multiple other heroines of the series Kurono Kurumu, Shirayuki Mizore and Sendou Yukari each with their own unique personalities and motive to monopolize Tsukune. Each heroine is either a Western Apparition or a Japanese Youkai with traits of their lore etched into their characters which adds a bit of depth. Considering Rosario to Vampire is a series targeted towards the male demographic, there’s an abundance of fan service which coupled with the manga’s art really makes for an enjoyable read.

Overall, Rosario to Vampire is a great manga series with great art along with characters that grow throughout the series and is definitely worth a read for anyone who enjoyed the anime or just wants to read a fun comedy romance manga with a healthy dose of action.

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