Sailor Moon is here

Sailor Moon anillo princesa 20mm 2

One of the most famous and beloved character in Manga world is our teenager Usagi Tsukino in the lead role of “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon”
As a tribute to this beloved warrior, strong and determined fighter for justice and love, nothing better than to show off his face in our daily outfit.

Do you dare to fight with Sailor Moon?

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Harajuku Fashion Experience

The Circus Harajuku is a socks and footwear boutique that opened this spring on the famous Cat Street in Urahara (the backstreets of Harajuku). In addition to selling cute mismatched socks and a unique selection of boots, The Circus has also started hosting special fashion events with guest designers. The most recent such event was called “Harajuku Fashion Experience” and it featured kimono designed by Kumamiki along with fashion from Japan’s famous “punk lolita” brand Putumayo.


At the The Circus Harajuku’s “Harajuku Fashion Experience”, customers were invited to try on Kumamiki’s cute kimono and yukata, along with gothic fashion from Putumayo. At the end of the event, several participants dressed in outfits by Kumamiki and Putumayo walked around Harajuku and took photos. We stopped in and shot some video of the event (and the shop) to share with those of you that couldn’t make it. Please enjoy our “Harajuku Fashion Experience” video and hope to see you at The Circus Harajuku for the next one!


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Today we open this new section with our happy customers´s photo.
In the first picture, Luna, that also has become Chica Manga´s future model and brand ambassador.

Hoy abrimos esta nueva sección de Chica Manga con las fotos de clientes contentos. En la primera foto, Luna, la que, ademas de cliente se ha convertido en futura modelo de Chica Manga y embajadora de la marca.

Happy customer

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Sailor Moon

Monica-Sailor-MoonA new Happy Customer, Mónica, has sent me these Sailor Moon ring pictures in her hand. It looks great!

Una nueva Happy Customer, Mónica, me ha enviado estas fotos con el anillo Sailor Moon en su mano. Le queda genial, no?

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