Fairy Tail: the relationship between Natsu and Lucy

The relationship between Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia has been a topic of heated debate for the entire Fairy Tail fan base since the first chapter and episode was released.

A romantic sub plot between the two has been seen throughout the series on many occasions, likewise there have also been moments when fans of the pair have had their doubts on what’s to become of their favorite couple, mainly due to the constant teasing by Hiro Mashima the mangaka of Fairy Tail, which he makes a point to do so even on his twitter account.

The chemistry the mangaka has managed to establish between the two has left many to wonder if their favorite couple will end up together or ending up in solely a platonic relationship. The strength of their bond has been shown quite a few time throughout the series and is following the trend even now. In various situations Lucy and Natsu both have openly relied on one another, but rather taking it as a sign of affection it can also be stated as the strength of friendship and degree of trust which they have in one another; which happens to be a recurring theme in the series.  Though this degree of trust and friendship is without a doubt beyond of what’s normally shown to a guild member, but are not shown exclusively to one another by them. Throughout the series both Natsu and Lucy have shown strong relations of friendship and trust to some other close guild members like Gray Fullbuster, Erza Scarlet, Lisanna Strauss and Wendy Marvel. But even so Lcuy’s bond with Natsu is somewhat unique, which can only be compared to the bond Natsu shares with his oldest and possibly dearest friend “Happy the exceed”.

From the very start of the series Natsu and Lucy have been put together in many situations. The very first time they met each other was when Lucy was thinking of “how to join Fairy Tail” and was put under a love charm by Bora who was referring as to himself as the famous salamander of Fairy Tail, mean while Natsu was looking for his dragon parent Dragneel Salamander in the same vicinity. When Natsu interrupted their conversation to see if Bora was his dragon parent the charm on Lucy was broken, but yet all the other females surrounding Bora remained under the charms effect.  It was stated later on in the anime that that the charm can be broken by the intervention of the soul mate of the person under the charm, which led to more fuel being cast on the already heated debates of the fans.  Following this incident Natsu took her to Fairy Tail where she joined the guild.

The fact that he was the one responsible for inviting and bringing her to the guild carved a deep bond between the two of them. Which led to Natsu eventually deciding to form a team with her along with Happy. Natsu has been shown to deeply care about Lucy, from him uprooting a magic Sakura tree from Magnolia Town’s Blossom-viewing to threatening the life anyone who harmed her. They have also been hinted to have romantic feelings for each other in quite a few small slice of life arcs of the series but were mostly dropped or not mentioned afterwards.

Though hints about the pairs relationship degree are dropped and shared every now and then, but until Hiro Mashima is ready to unveil his true intentions for the future of the couple, it will remain as a topic of great debate for many if not all fans of the series.

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