Death Note: a deep and controversial masterpiece.

Death Note, a series that has inspired multiple movies and TV shows, some good but mostly bad. Whether you’re a fan of western comics and TV shows or Japanese manga or anime, chances are you’ve heard of Death Note one or another. Death Note is by far one of the most popular manga series with fans throughout the world.  This is one of the few manga series that has been regarded by many as a masterpiece which is rightfully so.

Death Note follows the story of two incredibly smart and cleaver high school boys which does sound like a premise that you’ve heard of before but none have managed to pull it off as well as this series. The story starts when a Shinigami (Death God) named Ryuk drops a Death Note into the human world. The Death Note has the power to kill anyone whose name has been written in it. The Death Note ends up in the hands of High school Student Light Yagami by coincidence which he then checks by writing the name of a local killer he saw from the news to test its powers.  After ascertaining that the Death Note does indeed have control over death, Light decides to rid the world of criminal and wrong does to create a world free of crime by killing them.

Naturally, the police quickly catch on and call in the best detective in the world “L”, to find and capture the one responsible for all the deaths. Throughout the mange, more characters are introduced that add more depth to the story. What makes Death Note such a masterpiece is that it’s almost impossible to predict how the next chapter will turn out. Almost every chapter ends on a cliffhanger that neither feels forced or clear-cut to keep readers reading on without even thinking of stopping. The psychological aspect of the series is also a major plus that dives deeper into the motives of the characters as well as being able to address controversial issues without making the reader feel alienated.

With a fantastic cast of characters that will get you emotionally involved and a story that will keep you turning the pages without even thinking of stopping, Death Note is a manga that everyone can and will most definitely enjoy.

This is the first part about Death Note. In upcoming posts, we will reveal some deeper and more controversial issues of this manga.

If you have not read it yet, I recommend that you do it.

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