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Chica Manga Says

A few days ago, at ChicaManga we decided to give another design to what we published on Instagram: more fun, and with many stories to tell.

That is why we present a series of the most cute character to tell us in first person how is their life and what is the relationship with ChicaManga. Today we present some of them, with a first part of their history. Surely soon you will find that you can identify with one (or several) of them.

Enjoy the first part of #ChicaMangaSays


Chica-Manga-Sakura-Carrot-butterfly-clasp-pinPompom the Rabbit

Pompom the Rabbit loves carrots. If it were for him, he would spend the day (and a good part of the night) eating them. Winter. Summer … in the sun or under the rain. His entire life revolves around carrots, which he considers his best friends. Be like Pompom. Eat them for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, but better if they are Chica Manga carrots!


Whiskers the CatChica-Manga-Sakura-polka-dot-heart-butterfly-clasp-pin


Whiskers is the most sociable cat you can meet: he loves making new friends every day and showing them they are very special to him. He listens to them, spoil them, adores them. And he always waits for the moment to express his friendship with a Polka Dot Heart pin



Sweety the Cupcake


Sweety is a most delicious cupcake. She loves being with her friends, and showing them that she loves them madly. She is always smiling, because she believes that the world is a better place if we are all happy and we can prove it. Would you like your life to be as pink and sweet as Sweety? 


Dark PawChica-Manga-green-boom-butterfly-clasp-pin


Dark Paw is a panda who loves action movies: explosions, bombs, persecutions. His perfect date is at the cinema, and he loves to comment on the movies while they are showing them. He makes sounds and movements just like the actors, for that reason he often has to leave the room. That’s why Dark Paw carries with he an amulet that defines his style. 




Penguin has recently moved and misses his family. Now he lives in a better place, he is not cold all the time and he has more friends than ever, but his family is very important to him. His mother, his father, his little nieces write letters to him and send him boxes of ice and snow, so he does not miss his home. In any case, Penguin always carries with him the image of his family close to his heart. 





Nigi  is a famous sushi chef who has dedicated his life to expand his art. He has traveled the world and has made a lot of friends from all the places you can imagine. If he has time, he send small trasures to his friends. so he can remind them their love. When he has discovered Fruits Basket, he has become fascinated with Tohru: he is his soul mate! 

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